FashionistaTalk is more of a diary picture book than a traditional personal/style blog.  It is a collection of my thoughts and observations as I make my way through life.  The images accompanying each post are not only a reflection of my style but a personal exploration of what fashion means to me.  At this point my life is consumed by transition – from a Torontonian to a Californian; from a student to a legal professional; from a girl to a woman; from constantly being in relationships to being single.  Transition is challenging but it inevitably leads to growth, of which FT is a part.  On a slightly unrelated note, I also share what baffles, troubles, intrigues, or excites me about developments in fashion law.

I understand that this may be a loaded description of my blog but my life feels a little loaded at the moment.  Stay tuned as I figure it out…

By Lida Mankovskaya, Esq.

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