I have this silly fortune cookie app on my phone that gives me ‘wise’ and ‘thoroughly insightful’ guidance for the day.  It’s funny how you can find meaning and application to your life in pretty much any cheesy piece of advice or even barely sensical combination of words.  All you need is some ability to think abstractly.  Anyway, I realize all of that and still check the app daily out of curiosity.  The other day the cookie said, “traveling often is important for your health and happiness.”  Finally there was no necessary to reach.  I could not agree more!

It almost worries me sometimes how much I enjoy traveling and exploring.  It’s arguably my favorite thing to do.  I’m convinced that the act of physical displacement and temporary relocation inherent in traveling helps heal the heart after breakups; reminds you of the vastness of the universe; and allows you to put things in perspective.

My girls and I are planning a little trip to New York in early April and I’m giddy with excitement.  You know what they say about New York… “It’s ALWAYS a good idea.”