I remember taking the tube in London during rush hour.  It was one of those sardine-can experiences when your proximity to people is too close for comfort, it’s hot and sticky, and the entire ride you regret not choosing to walk or cab it.  A lady with two young girls around the ages of 5 was standing near by.  One of the girls turned to her mom and softly said, “Let’s have a party…A baby party.”  As you can imagine, the British accent only intensified the cuteness of that comment and made the unpleasantness of the ride all better.  Well, last weekend we had a ‘baby party’ for my friend’s son who was turning 6.  The kids were so funny that I felt a little like Johan Hill in the Sitter.  There is nothing like interacting with uninhibited, self-expressive children to remind you not to take yourself too seriously.  In that sense we can all use a good ‘baby party’ from time to time.

Wearing: Equipment chiffon blouse, J Brand shorts, Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses, Kate Spade purse, Halogen flats, Alexander McQueen ring, B-Low The Belt belt, Gucci and Versace vintage bracelets