I feel so much excitement right now that I can barely contain myself.  For one thing, I can comfortably walk without that silly boot again, which means I can start working out, wearing heals, and getting back to my regular pace of things.  But more importantly, I’m getting a puppy today!  I have all the major necessities ready for the little one when I bring him or her (this part is yet to be discovered) to my place today.  A little puppy bed, toys, treats, training pads, doggy wipes, etc.  I’ve been shopping for the puppy for over a week now in anticipation.  If things get delayed for some unforeseen reason I’ll need to find additional storage space just to accommodate this uncontrollable shopping trend.  Anyway, I could barely sleep last night and now I’m up at six – can’t get the furry one out of my mind.  Much love my lovelies.

What I’m wearing:

  • Marciano silk skirt
  • Alice + Olivia leather jacket
  • Aritzia top
  • Swarovski necklace
  • Marni sunglasses
  • Nicole Brundage heels
  • Guia’s leather bag