you say potato I say potahto

Don’t you hate when you walk into a party and some girl is wearing the exact same outfit as you? Well, after my well-received Couture Adventures of 2010 I’m making this torture an annual tradition on The list of designers underneath coincides with the order of the pictures (in case you were curious as to who I was wearing).  In this post I am bringing runway to life…my 2011 life. Much love.

Wearing: (1) Denis Gagnon dress, (2) Donna Karan dress, (3) Prada dress (4) Chris Benz dress, (5) Temperley London dress, (6) Greta Constantine dress, (7) ETRO blouse, (8) Yves Saint Laurent blouse, (9) Gypsy 05 dress (as seen on Vanessa Hudgens), (10) Marciano dress (as seen on Ashley Tisdale)