I bought this Dries Van Noten silk layered skirt the last time I visited my family in Toronto. I love its lace detailing but I had a hard time figuring out something to pair it with. Blouses made it feel overbearing with fabric and simple tanks somehow didn’t do it justice, so I needed to give it time until something worthy came along. And when I was packing for my Asian extravaganza, I started experimenting and tried the skirt on with my light, Ya-Ya Aflalo dress. I loved how its lace detailing complimented that of the skirt but something was still missing. That’s when I layered a silk Winter Kate vest over the dress and voila – the look was complete. The Dries Van Noten skirt was ready for Tokyo.

I added pictures that didn’t make it to the blog to the FashionistaTalk.com facebook page. You can check them out at Fashionista Talk on Facebook.

What I’m wearing:

  • Silk skirt by Dries Van Noten
  • Silk dress by Ya-Ya Aflalo (last seen April 10’11)
  • Silk vest by Winer Kate
  • Ring by Erickson Beamon
  • Heels by Elie Tahari