During the weekdays, my  life in Korea is pretty routine. I’m at the office, clerking away Monday-Friday, from 9-6. These are the days of pencil skirts, silk blouses, blazers, and heels. Days of hour-long subway commutes from the apartment to the firm. On the whole, they are days of redundancy. So as you can imagine, I try to keep my weekends as random and free-spirited as possible. This post is a glimpse of last Saturday night, which was pretty much the opposite of how I described my week.  I guess you could say that my weekends are in their own shade altogether.

p.s. What do you guys think of my new haircut?

What I’m wearing:

  • Silk top by Marciano
  • Silk scarf with crystals by Chan Luu
  • Crystal nepal ceylan topaz ring by Swarovski