The other day we visited the geek central of the world – Akihabara Electric Town (Aka, Akiba).  That’s were you go if you need some nifty little gadget or some ‘super exciting stuff’ like electrical parts, wires, or microsized cameras. But for those of us who would rather go through wisdom teeth removal than dig though a box of wires, Akiba still has a lot more to offer.  To me, the greatest thing about this part of Tokyo is its energy. It feels…I don’t know…FAST.   

What I’m wearing:

  • Dress by A.L.C.
  • Sunglasses by Marni (last seen in Feb. 26’11)
  • Large leather bag by Plinio Visona (last seen in June 22’11)
  • Chain ring by Luc Kieffer (last seen in March 13’10)
  • Gold bracelet
  • Shoes by Betsey Johnson (last seen in July 17’10)