I’m finally done with my last exam and the notoriously torturous first semester of law school is officially behind me. I think I might still be in a state of slight shock after this whole ordeal. Being able to just relax feels foreign and almost uncomfortable. I had all of these grandiose daydreams about how satisfying and chill my “post-exam” day would be – filled with naps, magazine reading, youtube-comedy-watching, or whatever other unproductive activity I could think of. But do you want to know what actually ended up happening? After walking into my apartment – slightly lightheaded from the 3 1/2 hour criminal law exam that was unlike anything we expected – and assessing all of the beautiful possibilities for laziness, I did the unthinkable. I started doing laundry and organizing my closet and I didn’t stop until it was all done. I wonder how long it will take until I can truly snap out of it and allow myself the luxury of just doing…nothing. Guilt-free nothing!

A few months ago, my brother came to visit me in California and he loved it so much that he decided to stay indefinitely.

This is what I wore for dinner with my bro and a few friends:

  • Leather coat by Vince
  • Pumps by Nicole Brudage
  • Skirt from H&M
  • Leather bow clutch by Steven
  • Large ball pendant (bought in Israel)