What do you guys think of my new twisty-bendy necklace? I found it in a shop on Danforth when I was running some errands in preparation for the Cuba trip. You can mold it into whatever crazy shape you can think up or even wear it as a bracelet or headband; the possibilities are endless.

This was my first evening look in Cuba. When packing for vacations, I generally gravitate towards silk (or it gravitates to me) because of its sensuous, lush quality. That warm tingling sensation that permeates the skin after a day of sun and salt water is later soothed by the soft, smooth fabric. If you haven’t noticed, I have a mild obsession with all things silk, cashmere, and pima cotton.

*I’ll be posting the next giveaway tomorrow. Can’t wait!

What I’m wearing:

  • Silk dress by “NOUGAT”
  • Nude heels by ‘Elie Tahari”
  • Bending necklace
  • Silver multi-chain bracelet
  • Chunky chain ring by “Luc Kieffer”