“Rusalochka” is the Russian name for a haunting, melancholy story by Andersen, which was later adapted by Disney and turned into a children-friendly version we all know as “The Litter Mermaid.” In my mini- movie I wanted to capture the ethereal, somber tones of the original Rusalochka.  With “Little Mermaid” Disney gave us a happy ending we were all so satisfied with as children, but the fate of Rusalochka was a lot more tragic.

* In this post I’ve included all of the pictures that went into my movie, in case you wanted to get a closer look.

What I’m wearing:

  • Silk dress by “Alberta Ferretti”
  • Chiffon robe by “La Perla”
  • Necklace by “Heidi Daus”
  • Crystal nepal ceylan topaz ring by “Swarovski”