I received a comment on yesterday’s post that, despite its good intentions, made me a little disconcerted and concerned. In the post I mentioned that I did some modelling the day before and the reader had some assumptions/questions that I wanted to address. The first had to do with my occupation and the idea that I must be a professional model. And the second assumption was that this must be the source of my designer clothes. If this is a common belief, I’m afraid that I might have mislead some of my dear readers or somehow mystified who I am. I want this post to dispel any such mystery or confusion.

I am simply a student who has always had multiple interests and fashion happens to be a huge one. I don’t call myself a model because I don’t identify with being one and I very rarely do it professionally. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, as was the case with the We Love Colors feature, I buy all of the designer clothes myself and finding them at great prices is something of a passion in itself for me. I just love adding another couture treasure to my collection and gradually watching that collection grow.

What most concerned me about that comment was its underlying implication that the reason that I am able to own these pieces, or look a certain way, is somehow outside the reach of “non-models.” Or the misguided notions that it is a common practice for models to receive designer clothes for free. This is simply not true; 99% of models get their standard hourly rate designated by the agency and only those at the absolute top of the game might walk away with something extra.

Part of the reason that I started the blog is because I want to show couture on someone who is outside the fashion industry. Just a future law student making her way through the world and trying to enjoy it fully. Couture is not elusive or unattainable anymore. Knowing where to look or what to look for while staying open-minded is a huge part of it. The other part is to constantly evolve, learn, and explore. Lets explore together my dear fashionistas!

Love Lida

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What I’m wearing:

  • Jacket by “Antonio Berardi” from the Fall 2006 collection
  • Silk skirt by “Miu Miu” from the Spring 2008 collection
  • Satin bow pumps by “Report Signature”
  • Feather headband by “Marciano”
  • Pearl/gold 5-strand bracelet by “Mirale & Aya”

I’ve included some runway pictures of similar pieces from the same collections. I am crazy about this Antonio Berardi peaked-shoulder, nipped-waist jacket and that exquisite detailing in the fabric just makes me want more Berardi.