As much as I love working on the blog and posting daily looks, it really does take a toll on my energy level and can get quite overwhelming at times. I always get so invested in what I’m doing that I sometimes forget to just take a little time to myself – pamper and rejuvenate. I think many of us need a little break to recharge and show some love to our minds, bodies, and beautiful faces. In this post I will show you some of my beauty tips on how to do just that, the cheapest and most natural way. We can all have a spa day in the comfort of our own homes by being just a little resourceful with what we have in the kitchen. So lets get started my lovelies…

Step 1: Create a space for yourself that is conducive to relaxation and some quality alone-time. For example, the weather was spectacular yesterday so I arranged everything I needed around a lounge bed in my backyard. I found the most shady corner by the flowers, threw a silk sheet on the mattress, and put a pillow under my back. Treat yourself like a princess that you are!

Step 2: Get some tunes up in der. Music has an amazing ability to relax and calm our minds, so make your spa-day-playlist wisely. I had Norah Jones’, The Fall,  playing in the background – oh so chill.

Step 3: Find some stimulating reading material.

Step 4: Keep yourself hydrated…whatever way you prefer :).

Now…lets get started on the facial.

Step 5: Thoroughly cleanse your face in preparation for exfoliation.

Step 6: Make an exfoliating scrub out of melted chocolate, coffee grinds, and milk.

The proportions are sort of unimportant as long as the mask sticks to your face and the grinds are small enough to exfoliate gently.

Step 7:  Apply the scrub to the face in small circular motion with your fingertips, while trying to avoid the eye area.


Step 9: Apply the scrub to your hands and massage it into them.

Step 10: Hang out with the scrub/mask on for about 10 minutes and then wash it off.

Step 11: Take out some chilled strawberries out of the fridge. Luckily we had some left over from our visit to the strawberry farm; I’m not sure how, but they miraculously survived without being eaten long enough for this spa day.

Step 12: Take a small bite of the strawberry. I didn’t have to pull your arm on that one, did I? 🙂

Step 13: Massage your face with the strawberry, in circular motion.

Step 14: Leave it on your face and relax until the strawberry juice dries.

Or you could do your nails meanwhile.

Step 15: Wash the strawberry mask off and enjoy the rest of your day.

Love Lida