The Revolve Clothing 2010 Summer Guide is finally out and I’m excited and a little relieved actually. I was pretty nervous checking it out for the first time; probably because of the built-up anticipation more than anything. But I truly love the end product of the collaboration even if I have a bit of a hard time recognizing myself in some of the pictures. But then again, I think that’s common in situations involving professional makeup and hair. It was nice to have been able to meet the three beautiful ladies Niki, Elizabeth, and Michelle; to style and model the five looks; and to fly out to LA for a mini-vacation.

When I arrived at the studio, the clothes were organized into racks of tops, bottoms, jackets, and dresses, etc. Not to mention the shoes and accessories. While on the one hand it was like a fashionista’s playground, it was definitely challenging at times because of a shortage of  basic pieces.  They had tons of cool interesting clothes that are fabulous on their own but it’s difficult to construct a balanced outfit out of statement pieces alone. Either way, we were all up for the challenge!

These are the five looks that I put together. To see the guide in its entirety along with a fun, behind the scenes video of the four of us frantically running around, hop over to the official guide at