I have this vivid memory in my mind of childhood moments when the act of dress-up seemed to possess transformative, almost magical powers  – an element of the “unknown” that seemed so quintessentially grown-up yet playful. Sometimes when I was left home alone to my own devices, I would put on my aunt’s highest platforms (she lived with us for a while), pull on my mom’s puffiest skirt, and as carefully as possible try to apply the reddest lipstick I could find. I would twirl around in this get-up, doing circles in our tiny apartment, until the doorbell rudely interrupted this “ritual.” At that point, the skirt, lipstick, and platforms would come off at the speed of light, and I opened the door with that innocent smile on my face that eight-year-old girls are so good at faking. Privet!

The feeling that the twirling produced was the inspiration behind today’s look. That feeling of overwhelming enchantment with something that is not quite your own…yet.

Interestingly enough, now that I look at these pictures, the outfit kind of reminds me of Samantha from SAC. This is my first Balenciaga dress, which I purchased a week ago and couldn’t wait to put to use. No matter how bold a garment might seem, being able to throw something on and play Samantha, or whoever else, makes the life of a fashionista that much more colourful.

P.S. The last picture is of my dear mama. Whenever she sees a camera pointing in her direction she usually hides or waves her arms around like she’s allergic or she’s being attacked by an army of angry wasps, but I managed to snap this shot and miraculously she didn’t hate it so…here she is.

What I’m wearing:

  • Silk shirt dress by “Balenciaga”
  • Shoes by “Jonathan Kelsey” (last seen in Apr. 6’10)
  • Clutch by “Lodis” (last seen in May 16’10)
  • Large clip on earrings by “Amrita Singh”
  • Headband by “Eugenia Kim”