On Sunday we decided to pay yet another visit to the “Starving Artist Bar” for brunch and in tune with its untraditional, edgy vibe, I felt like rebelling against my own natural inclinations and wearing  something in a way that is new to me. When looking though my closet(s), I stumbled upon the orange, wrinkled Marni skirt that I used for the Revolve contest and instinctively began to look for some silk top to pair it with. This is where that momentary rebellion kicked in and settled on the Junk Food tee. Over my university years, my collection of Junk Food vintage-inspired, graphic tees grew pretty large but I hardly even glance in their direction now a days. The revival of one of those long forgotten tees, in combination with this wild skirt, culminated in what I call “Marni junk food’ because that’s basically what this look is is in multiples senses of its meaning.

What I’m wearing:

  • T-shirt by “Junk Food”
  • Wrinkled linen skirt by “Marni”
  • Long necklace by “BLMA Venezia Italy”
  • Short necklace by “BLMA Venezia Italy”
  • Straw pumps by “Betsey Johnson”