I’m working on a movie tomorrow where I’ll be playing one of the girlfriends of a mafia boss (lol, I guess he’s not big on monogamy – how cliche for a gangster). Anyway, it’s a period piece so I had to come in for a fitting this morning. As soon as I walked into the wardrobe truck I was “on cloud nine”; it was filled with racks and racks of gorgeous vintage dresses, shoes, and accessories. And of course the first question that came out of my mouth was, “when are you having the set sale?” Apparently it’s a little too early in the production stages for an answer to that question but – for those of you who live in the Toronto area – I will post its date and location as soon as it’s set and revealed.

I love the outfit that the wardrobe lady put together for me because it’s pure “understated elegance.” I wasn’t sure what to expect when I was coming in but after we finished I was more than content – my character will be the classiest gangster’s-girlfriend ever. I will try to take a picture of my outfit tomorrow and post it, if it’s okay with production.

* Don’t forget to make your submission for the vintage Dolce&Gabbana dress giveaway!

What I’m wearing:

  • Cotton/silk dress by “April, May”
  • Purse by “Francesco Biasia”
  • Shoes by “Nicole Brundage”
  • 8 medium zip bangles by “Luc Kieffer”