Did you feel that earthquake today? I didn’t… Another question for my dear readers. What are the most fashionable uniforms out there? Some may argue in favor of astronauts, nurses, or police men, but I stick with our oh-so-sexy firefighters. Their uniforms really are pretty fashion foreword, with those suspenders, padded pants and jackets, and not to mention…the hoses.

Did any of you ever have to wear a uniform? If so, did you hate it or what?

My first job was at a concession stand of a movie theatre in Ottawa and I can still remember that horrid, cheese-smelling uniform like I was wearing it yesterday.

What I’m wearing:

  • Silk overalls by “Joie”
  • Pumps by “L.A.M.B”
  • Silk blouse by “Milly”
  • Vintage-inspired bra by “The Lake & Stars”
  • Turbanesque headband by ”PRADA”
  • Zebra ring by “Club Monaco”
  • Plastic flower ring (I bought it in Cuba for one convertible peso)