My friend Alex and I spent the entire day in downtown LA yesterday. The day started with us driving around the same block about 3 times because our GPS apparently thought it was still in NY. Whenever we travel to new places we use the site urbanspoon for rankings of best restaurants in the city, and a place called Starry Kitchen was on top of the list. It was exactly this “talk-of-the-town” establishment that we sacrificed our morning looking for and after we finally found it, they were just closing. But the staff of the restaurant was so nice that they just gave us two main courses of free to-go food, which was delicious; not a bad way to be welcomed to a new city. The rest of the day mostly involved walking, stopping to take pictures and eat a taco, and then continue walking. Apparently there isn’t all that much to do in downtown LA but it was still fun. I couldn’t get those 2 Pac lyrics out of my head, “California knows how to party (knows how to party).”

What I’m wearing:

  • Cotton maxi dress by “Tt”
  • 3 handcuff bangles by “b-side by ken & dana” (last seen in May 27’10)
  • Chunky chain ring by “Luc Kieffer” (last seen in May 22’10)
  • Grosi gathered sac by “Malababa” (in brown)
  • Leather platforms by “Marciano” (last seen in Apr. 22’10)
  • Belt
  • Aviator sunglasses by “Gucci”