As you might have noticed, I’m far from indifferent to Marni. The label’s chief designer, Consuelo Castiglioni, presents us with a quirky more “off-beat” perspective on femininity. Her collections have been described as “European-inflected bohemianism” but I just like to think of them as “foreword.” I especially love the idiocentricity of her early designs – the vintage -inspired shapes, prints, and fabrics. Her colour palette tends to centre on grey, beige, and blue hues, with interspersion of electric accents. Marni’s aesthetic is often characterized by eccentric use of texture, colourblocking, and unusual shapes, such as: bell hemlines, gathering, asymmetry, and large volumes.

As far as I understand, it has long been believed  that Marni’s collections resonate more with female customers than with men, who generally don’t find the clothes sexy. From my personal experience, I can definitely attest to that observation. Whenever I’m given feedback about a certain Marni look or garment by a male it seems to linger somewhere within the  realm of “not sure.” All of the a-line, blocky looking pieces seem incomprehensible to them :). But we’ve earned the right to enjoy the “incomprehensible,”  haven’t we ladies?

Here I’ve compiled some of my favourite pieces from Marni’s spring collections. I apologize for the variance in picture sizes (they came from different sources). Notice how Consuelo peeks out from backstage to greet the audience – she always does that – so adorable.

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