Today’s look is a fusion of the rough and the soft; the feminine and the edgy. I paired the metal handcuff bangles with my flowy ya-ya dress for two main reasons. The most probable of the two is the possibility that I might be going bangle crazy this spring. If you haven’t noticed the recent bangle overload in my looks…stay tuned my friend. The second reasons has something to do with a recent inclination towards aesthetic duplicity; the mixing of opposite and even conflicting traits somehow agrees with me at the moment.

* It was such a pleasant surprise to discover that Jessica of What I Wore mentioned fashionistatalk as her “fashion blog of the moment.” Thank you Jessica ;).

What I’m wearing:

  • Chiffon maxi dress by “YA-YA Aflalo”
  • 3 handcuff bangles by “b-side by ken & dana”
  • 2 large metal bangles by “b-side by kendana”
  • Nude heels by “Elie Tahari”