There are certain things that make the game of dress-up only that much more fun. For example, accessories do the trick for me and it’s the one thing that I can’t seem to resist when it comes to shopping. I know that shoes are the drug of choice for many fashionistas and that’s completely understandable, but mine happens to be jewellery, clutches, headbands, hats. Today’s look demonstrates a little of what I mean.

What I’m wearing:

  • Silk dress by “Chelsea Flower”
  • Strappy platform sandals by “Marciano”
  • 2 different turquose necklaces
  • Grosi gathered sac by “Malababa”
  • 2 large metal bracelets by “Ben-Amun”
  • Large sunglasses by “MARNI”
  • Chunky ring by “Lee Angel”