I was actually planning a Tibi look today, which would have been in line with the recent pattern of putting the featured designers into action. But unfortunately, there will have to be a temporary break with tradition because the weather is really noncompliant today. The Tibi dress I was originally planning to wear is from their Jungle Collection and unless I was going with a tropical-hurricane-season theme, right now these is absolutely no correlation between the tropics and the Torontonian vibe. So I’m making this ‘chocolate mousse’ post pretty much by default. It’s like Homer Simpson said, “The best two words in the English language – DE FAULT!!!”

I wore this dark chocolate/coffee hues look to meet with a friend for lunch a few days ago. I am now convinced that there is no better match for this vintage skirt than the Eskandar paxiuba necklace. It picks up the dark purple tones in the skirt and intensifies its bohemianism.

What I’m wearing:

  • Vintage mini skirt (last seen in Apr. 4’10)
  • Silk blouse by “Mademoiselle Parasuco”
  • Tweed double platform pumps by “MARNI” (last seen in Apr. 27’10)
  • Paxiuba Uva short necklace by “Eskandar” (last seen in Apr. 13’10)
  • Tights by “Givenchy” (last seen in Apr. 9’10)