I went picture crazy when I was in Manhattan. I thought to warn you in advance because I wouldn’t want anyone to have a ‘Lida’s face’ overdose by the end of the post :). There might be moments when you think that I repeated the same pics a few times but I assure you that they are all if fact somehow different. You might also notice that the outfit only slightly varies with yesterday’s look-of-the-day. I had to repeat an outfit two days in a row due to a packing miscalculation…what a painful confession. However, my beloved cashmere blanket (my dear aunt Laura knitted) played such a central role in today’s look that I hope it almost makes up for the repetition. New York was a bit chilly so the blanky kept me warm and cozy. No matter how I wrapped or hung it over my body it just seemed to work in the context of Manhattan – that big, scrumptious apple is just magical.

What I’m wearing:

  • Suede jacket by “Isaac Sellam”
  • Hooded dress by “Le Grand Blue aka. L.G.B”
  • Shoes by “Guillaume Hinfray”
  • Crystal heart necklace by “Cristal de Sèvres”
  • Nude tights
  • Cashmere blanket my aunt Laura knitted
  • Leather bracelet by “Julia Roberts for Emporio Armani”