I’m leaving for California tomorrow so my day will be filled with errands and packing. Even though the purpose of the trip is to check out three grad schools, I’m in a vacation state of mind and hope to sustain this feeling until it’s time to unpack. I think today’s look encompasses both, my emotional disposition for the day (excited and playful) and the practicality aspect of what needs to get done (comfortable and easy). Pale yellow for the former and bluish-grey for the latter – seemingly conflicting but surprisingly harmonious tones. That’s basically where I’m at today :).

What I’m wearing:

  • Silk pants by “Joie”
  • V-neck t-shirt by “BDG”
  • Silk beaded jacket by “Custo Barcelona”
  • Headband by “Priti Moudgill”
  • Rolls Royce suede clutch by “Marc Jacobs”
  • Pumps by “Nicole Brundage”