I think the weather in Toronto is in a strange state of confusion today, which inadvertently drags us into the same predicament. Ever since this morning, it felt and looked as though thunder showers are on the verge of breaking out any minute now but there hasn’t been a drop in sight. Talk about deceptive appearances… If I had to give you an analogy I would say that this weather is like a spoiled six-year-old girl who is just about to start wailing and has sustained that painfully wrinkled look of dissatisfaction on her face for hours. It’s like that “I’m about to start yelling face” is frozen in time for all of us to ‘enjoy.’ Anyway, I didn’t want to risk testing the law of irony today so I kept today’s mini-shoot indoors.

What I’m wearing:

  • Vintage leather riding-boots
  • Leather belt by “Forty-Nine Square Miles (SQ MI)”
  • Silk dress by “Custo Barcelona”
  • Silk kimono jacket by “Dries Van Noten”
  • Large leather bag by “NICOLI”
  • Headband by “Priti Moudgill”