….I’m super excited to introduce monthly giveaways to fashionistatalk. They are a fun addition to the site so lets get crackin’. To win a pair of these teal zipper leggings simply leave a comment with your name (feel free to leave your first name and the first initial of your surname if you don’t want to leave your entire name) and a brief explanation about how you’d rock these leggings. I’m happy to say that this contest is open to any registered user (U.S. and international, but the latter will be responsible for any custom fees). The contest ends on Thursday, May 5’10 and I will announce a winner shortly thereafter.

The leggings are brand new and come is size XS only. Their retail value is $119. In the future I will be mixing up the sizes but for now the XS will have to suffice.

Here is how I’ve worn mine in the past: Dec. 8’09, Mar. 22’10. Now how would you style them?

Good luck fashionistas,


this contest is featured on free!grechen and All Things Bloggy.