Remember how I told you guys that my luggage got delayed on the way to California, well this dress was one of my “desperation” purchases. I just figured that it was versatile and simple enough to be categorized as “practical”…I don’t know, was that a stretch? I guess most people in that situation go out and buy a smart pair of jeans, a cardigan for a rainy-day, and a trusty black shirt. And here I was leaving the store with a bunch of very “necessary” dresses.

This Zoa dress is a-line actually, but today I felt like finding that waist-line underneath all the fabric by adding an accessory. Instead of using the belt in a conventional way, I tied it on the side. I started doing this with thin belts after my Mason dress. I think it adds a little edge to feminine pieces. I tied the belt right under the large ruffles and then layered an asymmetrical cardigan on top. I adjusted the MARNI necklace to the proportion of the dress (tightened the ribbons in the back) and finished the look with my strappy heels and a red bag.

What I’m wearing:

  • Silk dress by “Zoa”
  • Necklace by “MARNI”
  • Patent leather belt by “Marciano”
  • Patent leather purse by “Maurizio Taiuti”
  • Asymmetrical cardigan by “Benandlucia”
  • Patent leather heels by “Betsey Johnson”