Today’s grad school open-house took place in  Santa Clara (CA). I’ve had this yellow suit for over four years and never got the chance to wear it…or maybe I just forgot about it until this trip. It is by far the most comfortable suit I own – soft and stretchy. Its deep round neckline screams for a necklace and I wanted to find a jewellery piece that would compliment both the suit’s yellow tone and the decolletage. In keeping with this criteria, I knew that the necklace had to be short to medium length and should at least possess a hint of yellow. Out of the things in my jewellery box, nothing seemed to fulfill these requirement so I began to experiment. I was drawn to the Priti Moudgil headband because of its colour scheme and relative simplicity; I pulled it over my neck and… it stuck :).

What I’m wearing:

  • Jacket by “The Wrights”
  • Pencil skirt by “The Wrights”
  • Leather heels by “Guillaume Hinfray”
  • Headband (worn as a necklace) by “Priti Moudgil”
  • Simple tank top from “H&M”