I really patented-it-up for this look. I’ve been waiting to wear this jacket for a while now and today’s decent weather finally permitted the materialization of my modest desire. I generally love large, high collars and I especially appreciate well-constructed ones that stay up as intended. The texture of the patent leather allows the collar on this jacket to stay in place regardless of how high you want it. I paired it with high, patent leather gloves. Once I decided to complete the look with the patent, Pierre Hardy boots, I kept the rest of the garments simple. The shine of patent leather was enough of a statement in itself so I went with a plain sweater and jeans to balance out the glam. That is basically all there’s to my ‘patent’ story.

I wore this outfit for a sushi-lunch (on Queen St.) with a friend that I hadn’t seen in years.

What I’m wearing;

  • Jeans by Denim Birds
  • Cashmere sweater by Julie & Jack
  • Patent leather jacket by Elie Tahari
  • Patent leather boots by Pierre Hardy
  • Bag by Renato Angi 
  • Crystal necklace by Cristal de Sèvres
  • Patent leather gloves by Fownes