I know…it’s been a while. Did you miss me? The truth is that I’ve been having a pretty tough couple of days – some personal stuff. Fashion and pretty things have been the last thing on my mind. Well, I’m officially getting back to my daily posts. I’ve always been big on consistency so I’ll try to keep up despite the ‘obstacles.’

Today’s look-of-the-day is what I call my “checkered Stella look.”  I paired the skirt with a long Angie Gooderham necklace that is of the same white/navy color pallet. This Stella McCartney skirt is one of my favorite travel pieces – the texture of its fabric is intentionally wrinkled, which makes it easy-maintenance and fun to wear. I was able to get it for an amazing price on ebay because the seller sort of confused its potential bidders. She said that the skirt really needs to be ironed and, based on the pictures, it was difficult to predict what effect that would have on the shape of the skirt. From time to time you can come across ebay auctions where the sellers are quite unaware of, or uninterested in, what they are selling, which inadvertently keeps the price low and fashionistas happy. If you love yourself a couture bargain keep an eye out for these.

What I’m wearing:

  • Skirt by “Stella McCartney”
  • Tank-top by “BDG”
  • Necklace by “Angie Gooderham”
  • Shoes by “Guillaume Hinfray”
  • Sunglasses by “Victoria Beckham”
  • Bag by “Plinio Visona”